Real estate development with focus on the resident

Planned or not, each building expresses a philosophy, a vision of what it means to live a fine and good life.

Our vision is based on progressive micro-living solutions; a smart combination of affordable personal spaces and common areas, resulting in affordable and livable living space within a vibrant community.

To accelerate the development of these vibrant and diverse urban communities, we have a broad vision of what good urban living can mean today. A vision based on affordable living spaces in a vibrant community, and quality of life.

As owners, investors, managers and developers of progressive micro-living solutions across Europe, we bring a unique range of relevant knowledge, skills and experiences.

But we also bring a healthy dose of curiosity about new ideas, and a strong desire to work with governments that share our vision: governments, developers, investors and others who recognize the need for more flexible, sustainable, resident-centered urban communities.

Our values

We are part of Mosaic World, a collaboration of several divisions with the goal of accelerating the pace of community-building connections. We act as a catalyst for communities, connecting a wide variety of people with the widest range of available affordable housing, from simple rooms to furnished apartments. We also provide services that help protect and nurture communities, keeping them safe and social as they grow.

Mosaic World

Our goal at Mosaic World is to reshape urban living. We are the one-stop shop for affordable housing in diverse and vibrant cities:

  • With Plaza Resident Services, we offer students, new residents and first-time city residents a variety of smart urban living spaces to make their own home.

  • Through Monoma, we find the right people, the right temporarily vacant properties, and match them to make those properties part of a vibrant and open community again.

  • Our real estate security division, Watchtower Security Solutions, is also founded on the belief that a community is the best security system there is. We keep vacant properties safe with an approach based on both community awareness and trusted vigilance.