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  • 26-10-2023

80 trendy rental flats more in Rotterdam after completion of 'De Boezem'

At the end of June, B-Right Urban Living, together with Waaijer Projectrealisatie, completed the striking De Boezem residential complex in Rotterdam. With the development and delivery of the complex, consisting of 80 free sector rental flats and a green inner garden, the two parties are responding to the growing demand for rental housing in Rotterdam city centre.

De Boezem, located on Boezemweg, is a modern place to live in the heart of Rotterdam. With its own parking garage under the building, a green inner garden, and a design that fits in with the style of the surrounding neighbourhoods, De Boezem gives a strong impulse to the identity of the area. Moreover, its central location, with metro and bus access to the city centre in just a few minutes, makes De Boezem ideal for people wanting to live in and around Rotterdam city centre.

The complex consists of a mix of fully furnished and unfurnished flats with surfaces ranging from around 60m2 to 130m2. As the flats are offered with different temporary contract durations, from 6 months to 2 years, the complex appeals to different target groups, contributing to the desire for a diverse community, a place where starters, expats, and students live together.

Whereas the flats on the lower floors overlook the busy, urban surroundings of the Boezemweg, the flats on the upper floors are reversed and look out over the Rotterdam skyline. The courtyard garden allows residents to escape directly from the hustle and bustle of the city, making the Boezem not only central but also peaceful living.

Rotterdam style

In the sturdy exterior of 'De Boezem', with lots of concrete, brick and tight frames, the Rotterdam reconstruction style is clearly recognisable. The design by architecture firm De Zwarte Hond is thus entirely in keeping with the style of the surrounding reconstruction districts, such as Rubroek and Hoogkwartier, and has already won several awards.

All residences, managed by Plaza Resident Services, were rented out immediately after completion, once again underlining the importance of new residences in Rotterdam city centre.

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