• 26-10-2023

Shopping centre Kastelenplein awaits complete makeover

Mosaic World recently acquired the Eindhoven shopping centre Kastelenplein and the adjacent sauna complex. Together with property developer FiMek estate, future plans are being drawn up that will revitalise the shopping centre and its surroundings.

Shopping centre Kastelenplein, built in 1976, has since grown into one of Eindhoven's three main neighbourhood shopping centres with shops including Jumbo, Aldi, Hema and Kruidvat. Now, over 46 years old, a large-scale intervention is now needed to bring the shopping centre back in line with today's inner-city needs.

Among business owners, customers, residents, and other users, the mall has been a topic of conversation for years. With investor Mosaic World recently also becoming owner of the adjoining sauna complex, after years of talk, plans can again be made to revitalise the area.

More than a shopping centre

Besides improving and preserving the existing facilities, new facilities for living and leisure will be added to the area. As the redevelopment will take some years, the starting point is to work with all stakeholders in the area to ensure the area remains attractive and accessible during the construction process.

"We are delighted to take the next step in the redevelopment of Kastelenplein with Mosaic World. Together with us and the municipality of Eindhoven, Mosaic World's ambition to redevelopm the shopping centre will also to give the area around Kastelenplein a new impulse. The shopping centre continues to fulfil an important function within the area, and to strengthen its potential as a residential area," said Thijs Ruiter, development manager at FiMek estate.

FiMek estate and Mosaic World are confident of a thriving future for the entire Kastelenplein and its surroundings. After the complete makeover, a new vibrant neighbourhood shopping centre will emerge, with room for shopping, business, living, and leisure for young and old alike. A nice, safe place to stay and meet. A dynamic place in the neighbourhood that suits the future of the city.

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