Campus 015



Impressive achievement in conversion: the former TNO complex turned into a warm and comfortable accommodation for TU Delft within 10 months.


  • 289 self-contained studios
  • Meeting point and study facilities
  • Laundrette
  • (Mini) cinema
  • Camera-monitored bicycle parking and parking lot
  • Courtyard garden
  • Professional cooking studio
  • Waterfront sun terrace
  • Picnic area
  • Library and study space
  • Sports and games room / basketball court

Facts and Figures

  • Handover date

    July 2017

  • Construction method


  • Target group

  • Owner

    B-Right Urban Living

  • Architect

  • Developer

    B-Right Urban Living

  • Contractor

    NBU Etten Leur

  • Management

    Plaza Resident Services

  • Former function

    Former TNO complex

  • Awards

The city of Delft is in full transformation and until 2040 there will be an increasing demand for living space for all kinds of target groups. This challenge requires innovative solutions, something that B-Right Urban Living is able to deliver with its expertise in transformation projects in urban environments.

Within 10 months the former TNO office complex, adjacent to the TU Delft University grounds, was transformed into a state-of-the-art complex with high-quality upholstered and furnished studios. The residential platform with work spaces, a mini cinema and a communal kitchen studio offers a range of communal facilities to promote social interaction between the residents.

Together with my neighbors, I organize activities with the property. Soon we will start a cooking club in the communal kitchen, where residents can cook and offer their meals for a small fee. That way some can earn some money, and others get a healthy meal!

- Bryan, resident