Geldropseweg Eindhoven



Well-situated complex in the centre of Eindhoven with 15 apartments with private parking and shops in the plinth.


  • Terrace
  • Bicycle parking
  • Shopping area
  • Parking spaces

Facts and Figures

  • Handover date


  • Construction method

    New Buidl

  • Target group

  • Owner

  • Architect

  • Developer

    B-Right Urban Living

  • Contractor

  • Management

  • Former function

  • Awards

Well-situated complex in the centre of Eindhoven featuring 15 apartment units, a shopping plinth, and private parking spaces. The outdated complex is situated in an area that requires a much-needed redevelopment to revitalise the city over time. The location connects the Geldropseweg with the Bleekweg and the Dommel, forming an important link in the area that offers opportunities for the location as well as neighbouring towns and cities.