De Hillside



Housing for various target markets in the Amstel III district, where transformation is in full swing.


  • 217 residential units in the social sector
  • 16 apartment units in the mid-range rent category
  • Lounge and meeting point
  • Laundrette
  • Hospitality businesses
  • Office space
  • 2-level rooftop parking garage
  • Bicycle parking
  • Storage

Facts and Figures

  • Handover date


  • Construction method


  • Target group

  • Owner

    Maatschap Paasheuvelweg (B-Right / Doniger)

  • Architect

    De Loods Architecten

  • Developer

    B-Right Urban Living & Doniger Urban Developments

  • Contractor

  • Management

    Plaza Resident Services

  • Former function


  • Awards

Transforming the Amstel III office park into a versatile area where living, working and recreation intersect for different target groups. With that goal in mind, B-Right Urban Living transformed a heavily outdated office building into contemporary housings. Part of the transformation was the realization of an above-roof parking facility and the construction of a new 18-storey complex next door.

The transformation and area development took place in close cooperation with the municipality of Amsterdam and other stakeholders in the area. The Holendrecht station was also upgraded and the AMC has adapted its entrance from Amstel III. The development commissioned by Maatschap Paasheuvelweg, of which B-Right Urban Living is a subsidiary, has added 2.500 homes to this area in transformation in the first phase alone. In this way, a large liveable area was created to contribute to the city's ambition to add more living space.