A special project at a special location: a sustainable, circular residential building, a shopping area and town houses built against the city offices.

Facts and Figures

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    Woon / werk

  • Owner

    Mosaic World

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    B-Right Urban Living

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A residential building and the town houses have been added to the Venlo municipal office. With circularity of paramount importance, the same materials were used as with the construction of the city offices, consisting of wood, green façades, aluminium and concrete (partly recycled). The high sustainability ambitions are also visible in PV panels in the façades and reuse of the wooden Accoya parts of the fabric façade of the municipal office. The integration of renewable energy systems (i.e. PV panels) ensures that the building is compliant with future laws and regulations and the new NZEB requirements in effect.

The residential programme includes 95 apartments, subdivided into 80 two-room apartments and 15 studios. This responds to the ever-growing target group of one and two-person households in Venlo. The apartments are all fully furnished and upholstered in order to create carefree living for the resident as much as possible. The facilities residents can enjoy are, among others, an indoor communal bicycle shed, a complex manager, a space for communal activities and a beautiful courtyard garden.

Five town houses have also been realized on the existing car park at the municipal office.