Noord Brabantlaan 2



New-build with space to live, work and to relax. This project forms the starting points for the development of a neighbourhood where outdated construction will make way for new construction.

Facts and Figures

  • Handover date


  • Construction method

    New Construction

  • Target group

  • Owner

    Mosaic World

  • Architect

  • Developer

    B-Right Urban Living

  • Contractor

  • Management

  • Former function

  • Awards

Uniquely located on the Noord Brabantlaan in Eindhoven, but outdated: this office building is making way for mixed-use new construction. In collaboration with the municipality of Eindhoven and local stakeholders, B-Right is developing Urban Living on a building that gives an impulse to the dynamics and further development of the district. For example, homes in various segments, space for work and space for recreation will be combined in this new building.