Wasa Student Village



Unique mixed-living concept brings different target groups together and promotes the assimilation of young status holders into society.


  • 358 self-contained studios
  • Lounge and meeting point
  • Basketball court
  • Laundrette
  • Bicycle parking
  • Parking spaces

Facts and Figures

  • Handover date

    october 2017

  • Construction method

  • Target group

  • Owner

    Porten Development

  • Architect

  • Developer

    Porten Development / B-Right Urban Living (advice)

  • Contractor

    Jan Snel

  • Management

    Plaza Resident Services

  • Former function

  • Awards

Following a record-setting 20-week construction period, Wasa Student Village was opened in Amsterdam Sloterdijk. Wasa is a residential district that accommodates 358 apartments for Dutch and international students attending the UvA and the HvA, professional young adults and young status holders. In cooperation with several partners, including the City of Amsterdam, B-Right Urban Living developed this special location where different target groups come together in a mixed-living concept.

Special attention has been paid to the development of communal areas where residents can meet and undertake activities. In addition, the approach and concept promote the assimilation of young status holders into society.